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PDF-based smart forms are now available below for sending initial reviews, changes in research, promptly reportable information, and study closure information.

Please note the following about our smart forms:

  • The smart forms must be completed using either Adobe's free Reader or Adobe Acrobat (version 11 or newer). Use of a program other than Adobe (version 11 or newer) to view or complete the forms will result in missing questions and non-functional fields.  To download Adobe Reader for free, please visit
  • Because these smart forms are dynamic (change based on your responses), they must be completed electronically; therefore, you cannot print them out and complete them on paper. However, at any time during their completion, you can edit, save, print, or share with your colleagues.
  • The forms have been adopted by WIRB, NEIRB, MLIRB, Aspire, and CGIRB.​  
​​The forms provide WIRB with all the required IRB review information required.  Please provide a submission form with each protocol you submit for review. 
For questions or assistance, please see the WIRB Guide for Researchers, call 1-800-562-4789, or email
Financial Interest Disclosure Form
Use this form to disclose to WIRB changes in previously reported financial interests.

Recruitment Bonus Disclosure Form
Use this form to request approval of proposed recruitment bonuses for the PI or study team. WIRB defines a recruitment bonus as an additional payment or incentive provided to the PI or staff dependent solely on a particular number of subjects being enrolled, or dependent on the speed at which subjects are enrolled. The term payment or incentive includes any items of value, such as direct payment, gift certificates, travel vouchers, physical items such as watches, etc. 

Impartial Witness Form for Limited and Non-Readers
Unless consent has been waived or the protocol excludes enrollment of limited readers or non-readers, involve an impartial witness in the consent process when enrolling limited or non-readers and document the participation of the impartial witness using the designated signature lines on the WIRB-approved consent form. In the absence of designated signature lines, download and use the WIRB standard impartial witness form below.
PDF Version Word 2000 Version

Consent addendum for subjects originally enrolled as children who are now adults
Unless consent has been waived, WIRB requires you to obtain the consent of subjects who reach the age of majority during the research. You may use your current WIRB- approved consent form to obtain their consent , or, if the approved consent form does not have appropriate signature lines for doing so, you may download the attached consent addendum and present it, along with the current WIRB approved consent form, to the subject in order to obtain his/her consent.

If you use the addendum below, please remove the statement from it regarding authorization to use and disclose information if the consent form signed by the parent/guardian did not include an authorization section.

You do not have seek WIRB approval of the generic addendum before using it if you use it without alteration (besides removal of the authorization statement if appropriate as outlined above).
PDF Version Word 2000 Version

Sending the forms to WIRB

Please complete and return your form(s) to WIRB via Connexus® or IRBNet. Documents submitted via email, fax or postal mail may be charged an additional processing fee.

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