Turnaround Times

Choosing the right IRB to oversee your clinical protocol is a key decision in achieving the success of your research. WIRB offers world-class review expertise and experience balanced with competitive review timelines and a personalized customer service approach. WIRB, the best of both worlds.


WIRB’s goal is to provide the highest quality review for each submission of research. We endeavor to work with our clients to establish the right review process that balances high quality and optimal turnaround times. WIRB reviews a wide array of research including industry-sponsored drug, device, biologics, multi-center, federally funded, social behavioral, investigator initiated and international studies. Turnaround times will generally vary depending upon the type of research submitted. Our average turnaround times for all submission types received, combining simple and complex reviews, is currently 7 business days. For the initial review of a new protocol, the turnaround time for review of complete submission can vary based on the category of research you are planning to submit (averaging 10 business days).

Please contact Client Services to receive your personalized turnaround time quote specific to your project.


For a new site that has never worked with rDNA before, it typically takes 8-12 weeks from the time of complete submission until IBC review. Some experienced sites with motivated staff can get ready more quickly—for example, oncology sites with existing infusion services, pharmacists, and comprehensive SOPs. For sites with existing IBCs, new protocols are typically reviewed within a few weeks. In exceptional clinical circumstances, we work to meet the clinical need. The safe handling of recombinant materials is more than paperwork. Call us for tips on how to speed your site preparation.

Education and Consulting

WIRB’s Education and Consulting Services Department will work closely with you to provide professional services within a timeframe that will satisfy your requirements.