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With human lives at stake, trust the proven experts

For more than 40 years, WIRB has been at the forefront of protecting the rights and welfare of human subjects. We provide in-depth regulatory expertise to support your development of research protocols and documentation.

We offer customized training and consulting about human protections, addressing research design through implementation. And, we deliver unparalleled review quality to ensure your research withstands scrutiny around the world.

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IRB Services

Regulatory requirements, multi-site coordination, institutional needs—there are many complexities that can slow down research. With our unparalleled regulatory insight and experience, WIRB can manage these complexities and ensure your research gets a thorough review quickly.

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Clinical Pharmacology Unit Review

The clock is always ticking for clinical pharmacology research. WIRB's Clinical Pharmacology Unit Services division is set up to respond quickly for fast and thorough review of Phase I studies and beyond.

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Institutional Biosafety Committee
Institutional Biosafety Committee

Safe storage, handling, and disposal of gene-modified, biohazardous materials-these issues are among the many challenges for investigators and sponsors of research involving recombinant DNA. WIRB's Institutional Biosafety Committee Services (IBCS) can help your team navigate this complicated issue and protect the safety of staff, communities, and the environment.

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Education & Consulting
Education and Consulting

Improve your ability to maintain compliance and protect human subjects with guidance from our experienced educators and consultants. We offer a wide array of training, consulting, and staffing services for investigators, institutions, and sponsors. WIRB can help you write your protocol or your consent form, provide regulatory support for local IRBs, and deliver insights about IBCS issues.

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Global Services
Global Services

With review experience in more than 70 countries, including Canada, WIRB can help you meet all the logistical, cultural, and regulatory challenges of international research. If you are planning an international study, WIRB's established international network and deep knowledge of global regulations and cultural sensitivities can help pave the way for a compliant review around the globe.

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